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Book Review : ” Ellie McDoodle : Best Friends Fur-Ever ” by Ruth McNally Barshaw

Summary : 
This is a story about a young girl named , Ellie McDoodle , who has a hard time picking an exotic animal for her project. This story all starts out when Ellie’s older brother , Josh , and her sister , Risa , play a prank on her . Ellie’s family has been arguing on what type of pet to get for them , for the past few days already . They all want different types of pets , her sister ( Risa ) wants a cat , her older brother ( Josh ) wants a dog , and etc. Her family has been mysteriously acting strange , they all have been talking in rhymes . The next day , in school , Ellie’s teacher , Mrs. Whittam , assigns the class a project . They all have to choose different exotic animals to research . After they choose their exotic animal , they have to study them and then do a multimedia presentation of the exotic animal . Just thinking of the presentation , made Ellie itch . She didn’t want to be laughed at , like when all of her classmates laughed at her in 2nd grade when she did a presentation . She had been brainstorming different exotic animals to do the project on for a couple of hours already . That same day , her neighbor , Mrs. Morrow , tells her that she needs someone to birdsit her African Gray Parrot , Alix , while she’s away . Ellie gladly offered to birdsit the parrot . She figured that while she’s birdsitting the parrot , she can get information on it for her presentation . She might also be able to take the bird to school with her , and let the bird do all the talking since it can talk . This would actually help her because then she won’t be afraid of getting laughed at . Things look like it’s all going to work out . But , unfortunately , one afternoon when she was taking care of the parrot , she noticed that it had flew out the window ! Ellie gets worried and feels horrible because she’s scared that it won’t come back . Ellie is trying everything to get the parrot back . You might have a lot of questions on your mind right now , … Will the parrot come back ? … Will she find the parrot before her neighbor gets home from the trip ? … 

Picture of the Books : 

                                  AND … 

What I liked –

What I liked about this book was that it talks about a non-realistic story that happened to a young girl named Ellie McDoodle , but in reality we can also experience things like what Ellie McDoodle experienced . There’s just so many different events that happened in this non-realistic story that’s it’s actually very interesting .
What I disliked – 
I really didn’t dislike anything about this story . I just think the author should’ve written this story more realistic and should’ve also written it with more shocking events or disasters .

Author – Ruth McNally Barshaw 
Publisher – Bloomsbury USA Childrens 
Where to buy it : 

Barnes & Noble 




 How much it cost : 

– $7.06 at Barnes & Noble

– $4.18 on eBay

– $7.99 at Target

– $7.99 at Books-A-Million 

Star Rating :

I give this book a 5-star rating because it is an easy book to read and it’s also a fascinating story that your friends can read , even you can read it . I also give it a 5-star rating because of all the beautiful drawings in every single page on the book , it helps because if you’re lazy and you really don’t want to read the book , just look at the drawings on the sides . 

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Letter to Malala 

Dear Malala ,

My name is Mariam . I am 11 years old . In my 6th grade Language Arts class , we read your book ( ” I Am Malala : How One Girl Stood Up for Education and Changed the World ” ) for about a couple of weeks . In the book , I read that you were shot by the Taliban for standing up for girls’ rights . It is just unbelievable how they can do such a thing to an amazing and beautiful girl like you . You are an incredibly brave and courageous young women . It is just magnificent how you stood up against the Taliban to promote the education and the rights of women . It was so heartbreaking when I read that you were shot just because you were against the Taliban . I really appreciate all the things you have done to fight for our rights . Your courage to stand against wrong is so impressive . At this young age , you have garnered more courage than most people can in their entire lives . Thank you , Malala Yousufzai , for risking your life for what is right , and for reminding us of what we need to do to make this world a better place with no violence at all .